Trade Show and Convention Services

International trade shows are a highly effective marketing tool and provide you with an excellent opportunity to increase your base of international customers or distributors, introduce new product lines, and find new business partners. 


But nothing is more frustrating than losing business due to cultural pitfalls, poor communication, or a complete lack of understanding, if you are not proficient in your dialog partner´s language.


Capture even more value from your show or convention attendance by hiring a professional, multi-lingual trade show assistant!


Whether you are a visitor, exhibitor or a convention planner, we will design for you a customized service beyond “just interpreting”, maximizing the value of your show or convention attendance, or your convention´s or trade show´s perception by international visitors.


For exhibitors, e.g. we welcome visitors to your booth, hand out samples, interpret expertly for you and your customers, and convey the value of your products and services faithfully. For convention planners, we offer a comprehensive range of services, from intercultural consulting, trade show assistance, setting up international visitor lounges, taking over your multi-lingual secretarial work, to translation of your web presence, or a combination of the above.


Contact us now to learn more about the ways we can assist you and provide outstanding trade show support, or to begin planning your next international trade show.


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