Our Expertise

Our experienced and professional translators are specialists in a variety of fields. But …we don´t do everything.


In contrast to those who lay claim to all-round competence, we concentrate on the following fields:

  • Business Translations
  • Technical and Scientific Translations
  • Website Translations
  • Literature Translations


From technical user manuals, product data sheets and labels to website content, catalogs, brochures or advertisements, from travel guide books and journal articles to thesis abstracts or educational material - your translations are in the best hands with Language Support.


Our translators are highly skilled native speakers, either specialized in or with former hands-on experience in the fields they translate.


Our core specialties include:

  • Equestrian sports and equipment, equine nutrition and husbandry, stable building and supplies
  • Pet and companion animal husbandry, nutrition and supplies
  • Veterinary medicine, alternative treatments (homeopathy, herbal therapy)
  • Agriculture and farming, cultivation, livestock and machinery
  • Horticulture
  • Herbology
  • Conservation, monitoring and environmental education
  • Outdoor activities and outdoor sports
  • Tourism, eco-tourism, rural tourism, culture and history tourism
  • Green energy and other sustainable products and concepts
  • Health food and supplements
  • Sciences (Zoology, Biology, Botany, Veterinary Medicine, etc.)
  • Historical Science, Archeology
  • Linguistics, Historical Linguistics


Please contact us for any inquiries or if the field you are looking for is not amongst the above mentioned. We will do our best to help you or refer you to a specialized colleague within our business network.


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