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If you have ever tried to use a free online translation service and received a translation that didn’t make much sense, you’ve realized how difficult it can be to even just scan foreign texts or websites to find out if they contain valuable information. Or have you ever tried to find out if there is a competitive product in a foreign market without a good command of the foreign language? What about the foreign magazine you have given free samples to. Did they publish an article on your products? And was it favorable?


Why waste time and money having too many texts properly translated without even knowing beforehand, if they will be of any value to you?


Let us save you money and “mystery pain”!


Tell us what you are looking for and we scan your foreign language documents for relevant information or perform (online) research for you. After receiving our findings, you can still decide whether or not you would like to make an investment in a full translation of the text in question.


Contact us today — we’d love to learn about your unique business needs and how we can help your business prosper!


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