Lost in translation? Not anymore! - Lost in choice and new word creations? Not with us!

All you need is a high-quality translation perfectly suitable for your individual purpose.

There is no one-size-fits-all solution for translations.

From huge Language Service Providers you might either hear new word creations, such as Localization, Transcreation, and Glocalism, and be offered services you have never heard of before. Or, if you ordered “a translation”, you might get “a translation”  – without further asking, a straight translation which most probably will quite miss the point.
But then, how to make the correct choice?

At Language Support we don´t leave you alone. With our customized translation solutions we get the job done for you in the way that best suits your needs!

All the new words you see when browsing other language service provider´s websites are (scientific) approaches to the same process: making your company and product clearly understood, well received, and linguistically and culturally accurate in your target markets.

When supplying your texts and documents to be translated to us, we will advise you which approach will be the right one, depending on the purpose of the translation and intended use of the texts.

Unless your translations are for unicultural internal use, most translations will require adjustment to a particular culture with its customs, traditions and conventions. Culturally adapted translations (also called translations with adaptation, localization, or internationalization) therefore represent the largest category of our work and will be most often the right choice for you.

Creative translation, also denominated transcreation, cross-market copywriting, international copy adaptation, or marketing translation, is going one step further. It is about taking the essence of a message and re-creating it in another language or dialect, combining new content, culturally adapted content and straightforward translation. A true creative translation´s focus is on creative impact, competitive uniqueness and local cultural relevance. Considerations include cultural perceptions and underlying values, local color sensitivities, gender roles and geographic sensitivities, just to mention a few.   

Creative translation is the right choice when working with more nuanced, very personal and highly culture-oriented texts, such as with some websites or publishing, marketing and advertising materials, containing slogans, wordplay and idiomatic speech. Beyond language, culture, content expertise and writing skills, a good creative translation will evoke the same emotions and carries the same implications in the target language as it does in the source language. It speaks to the heart of the target audience!

A standard translation, also called translation for information purposes or everyday translation, is the best choice when all you need to know is what it says. Just like all other Language Support translations, standard translations are produced by a qualified human translator, not by a computer program. The difference is they are not proof-read, but they’re a great budget-priced solution for internal use when 100% guaranteed accuracy is not required. Whilst standard translations are not suitable for publication, they are “faithful”, convey the thoughts and intent behind the original as close as possible allowing the proper imagery and style to come through.

Translation is about much more than just transferring words from one language to another. It is about ensuring that all the different elements that make up a text (e.g. idioms and analogies, style and tone) are accurately tailored to the target audience, which can be external, such as international customers and business contacts, or internal, when producing HR and training documents for employees of different cultural backgrounds. A good translation not only requires the proper training, experience and academic background, but also in-depth knowledge of sociology and culture as well as the different mentalities, customs, traditions and conventions. Knowledge of the culture of a country or region and the target group is just as important as a perfect command of the native language(s).

Don´t put your intercultural communication into the wrong hands or leave your global brand image and reputation to chance! Engage expert language support now to be a step ahead of your competitors!


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