Optimization of English for a Global Audience

If a reader's native language is not among the handful of languages that your documents and texts have been translated into, he or she will most certainly refer to your English version. English is a “lingua franca”, a universal business language and a common means of communication for speakers of different first languages.


English is your mother tongue? You have a fluid, polished writing style, know how to best use idioms and paint pictures in the readers´ minds? Perfect! – But not for your international audience for whom English is a second (or third) language.


The richness of the English language is a joy for (copy)writers and idiom enthusiasts. But it can become a nightmare for readers who are unfamiliar with it and who may be incompletely fluent in English. Your global audience would much rather read "Global English" than English that is full of buzzwords, idioms, acronyms, and euphemisms.


People are unlikely to buy products they cannot understand.


This is true not only for the fact that linguistically and culturally accurate translations are a must to successfully enter new international markets. It is also true for your English presence aiming at non-native readers.


Let a professional linguist optimize your company’s international presence in English language. Give your company a competitive edge by having top-notch language support!


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