„The difference between the almost right word and the right word is really a large matter — ’tis the difference between the lightning-bug and the lightning.“

Mark Twain


Language is an instrument that needs to be played by professionals. If you order an impressive, energetic lightning, you don´t want to receive a creepy-crawly lightning-bug!

Choosing the right words is a key for building successful, trust-based and long-term relationships.


Make amazing first impressions with linguistically and culturally accurate international



Connect with international contacts, customers and prospects instantly before

competitors beat you there.


Avoid cultural pitfalls and embarrassing mistakes in your written communication, marketing materials or when presenting your company and products at a trade show.


Get it right the first time! By hiring a professional linguist and international business expert, you will make an investment in your organization´s or company´s international presence, just as you would hire a professional accountant for your bookkeeping or an attorney for your legal needs.


Whether translation, adaptation, transcreation, multilingual research, multilingual secretarial services, foreign language typesetting, graphic design and creative work, copywriting, or trade show and exhibition services, Language Support provides you exactly with what you need.


Our focus is on individual attention. We believe in the uniqueness of each project and enterprise. Whether big or small, our services are custom designed to make your communications work across borders and global markets, enhance your brand image, reputation and sales performance.  


Your company and your products are unique. Your language should be nothing less than unique, too.


Make sure you have expert language support for your translations, intercultural communications, and trade show attendance.


Get in touch today — we’d love to learn about your unique projects or business needs and how we can help your ideas prosper.


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